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A few weeks ago a video for Winded’ by Kane Strang – one of the songs on TEMPORARY – was released. It was made by the same Dunedin video team who made the video for ‘Amnesia’ by Strange Harvest (also on the album). Video makers Emily Berryman and Phoebe Mackenzie feature in an interview in the TEMPORARY magazine too. There are videos for a few of the songs on TEMPORARY now. So, in the interests of audio-visual splendour here are all the TEMPORARY-related videos in one post. First up Kane Strang & the eye-popping ‘Winded’ video from Emily & Phoebe: Next up is Strange Harvest & that superbly dark video, also from Emily & Phoebe: Here’s a Fishrider DIY one we did for The Prophet Hens’ “All Over The World” – Finally, here’s Adrian Ng performing solo at The Attic and playing his Trick Mammoth song ‘Home Video’ and his Mavis Gary song “Dim the Droog” It was filmed and edited by The Attic’s Daniel Blackball Alexander – TEMPORARY – Selections from Dunedin’s Pop Underground 2011 – 2014 is available here:

TEMPORARY compilation – Norman Records guide

Norman Records is a fine UK mail-order specialist based in Leeds. They know their music. So we were thrilled to read they really liked our TEMPORARY compilation LP. “In a word – Brilliant!” was their Twitter verdict, their review concluding “this is simply a truly great record, more than a mere sampler.” Their track-by-track rundown on TEMPORARY is a great introduction to the strange wonders within but of course you can listen to it yourself now the whole album can be streamed here:

We were also happy to read the ‘zine (or ‘art catalogue’ as someone recently described it) was appreciated. Being able to present some information on the bands, their discography, and a bit of a flavour of their music scene and the people involved was an important part of the compilation for us all.

For those who prefer to travel light, without the physical weight of LPs, CDs or magazines there is a digital version available via bandcamp, which includes the magazine in PDF form. You can also send it as a gift to someone else through bandcamp…

And finally… a reminder that TEMPORARY should be in your local stores by now (NZ, USA, UK/Europe)and is available in the US from Ba Da Bing! Records and in the UK Europe from Occultation Recordings and in NZ via our website shop or Fishrider Records’ Bandcamp.

TEMPORARY – Out now!

It’s taken 9 months but T E M P O R A R Y – Selections From Dunedin’s Pop Underground 2011 – 2014 is finally here and shipping now!
T E M P O R A R Y is a compilation featuring 13 of our favourite Dunedin bands, with a 24 page colour ‘zine included & available as LP/ CD with ‘zine or LP+CD+zine!

If you are familiar with any of our recent releases from Trick Mammoth, Opposite Sex, Males, The Prophet Hens & The Shifting Sands, you will know there is some magic being created right now by a new scene of young musicians in this small city on the edge of the world – Dunedin, New Zealand.

So much magic we felt compelled to compile all our favourites into one compilation album… then, to add something extra we asked the musicians to contribute to a ‘zine to accompany the album.

The compilation features new and exclusive tracks from Fishrider artists Opposite Sex, Males and Trick Mammoth, and a vinyl debut for a track from The Prophet Hens’ lauded debut and The Shifting Sands forthcoming second album. Most of the rest will be unknown/ unheard as well, and the ‘zine provides discography and links to discover more music from each band – Mavis Gary, Death & The Maiden, Mr Biscuits, Strange Harvest, Astro Children, Kane Strang, Bad Sav & Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union.

To check out the album, listen to tracks and view the compilation LP or CD & ‘zine package head to the Fishrider Bandcamp page here: You can buy it from there (in stock & shipping immediately), or from NZ record stores.

The album is released on 23 September in the US in conjunction with Ba Da Bing! Records –
and in the UK in conjunction with Occultation Recordings –
so look for it in stores if you live in North America or UK/Europe, or order it direct from those labels.


T E M P O R A R Y compilation album release shows 5th & 6th September


To celebrate the release of T E M P O R A R Y – Selections From Dunedin’s Pop Underground, shows are being held at Chick’s Hotel, Port Chalmers on Friday 5th September (Adrian Ng, Kane Strang, Opposite Sex Bad Sav) and Saturday 6th September (Strange Harvest, The Prophet Hens, The Shifting Sands, Death & The Maiden).

Entry is free with any pre-orders via Fishrider Records Bandcamp.

Tickets are on sale at Portil Records (Harvest Court all George St.) and Too Tone Records (North Road, Gardens shopping area) for $15 for both nights incl. an album download.

Door sales are $10 for each night. Come and join the party!

TEMPORARY Magazine flush

Trick Mammoth live session from Auckland

A few weeks before Christmas last year Trick Mammoth headed to Auckland to play at Flying Out/ Flying Nun Records Christmas party along with The Verlaines, who were reprising their 1985 debut album “Hallelujah, All The Way Home” with the line-up which recorded the album.

Here’s three songs from Trick Mammoth’s set – “Himalayas”, “Delphine (With A Purpose)” and “Days of Being Wild” -

Filmed for Flying Nun/ Flying Out by PIKDAT Edited by Phoebe MacKenzie in Dunedin.

Live sound recording by Andre Upston, Radio NZ. Mixed by Ian Henderson at Fishrider HQ.

Trick Mammoth are Millie Lovelock (guitar, vocals), Sam Valentine (drums), Adrian Ng (guitar, vocals) & Kane Strang (bass).

The Shifting Sands on tour West Coast USA with David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights!


The Shifting Sands are playing 6 shows on the US West Coast with David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights starting 30 July in Portland. They are the first band on Fishrider Records to tour overseas.

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – End Times Undone
USA Tour (all shows with The Shifting Sands except Merge Fest.)

July 25th – Merge Fest. NC
July 30th – Bunk Bar, Portland (also with Daydream Machine)
July 31st – Logger Bar, Blue Lake
Aug 1st – Rickshaw Stop, San Fransisco
Aug 2nd – Los Globus, LA
Aug 3rd – Soda Bar, San Diego
Aug 5th – Bishop Pot Luck Society, Bishop, CA

Dates from David Kilgour’s website:

Check out The Shifting Sands music here:

Their album ‘Feel’ is available here:

T E M P O R A R Y – Selections From Dunedin’s Pop Underground – pre-orders

We are excited to be able to announce pre-orders for our next release – a compilation of young Dunedin bands called T E M P O R A R Y – Selections from Dunedin’s Pop Underground.

Even more exciting is that we have combined with Ba Da Bing! Records (New York, USA) to present this special compilation of the Dunedin ‘Pop Underground’ of today in the US as a ‘local release’ there, rather than a pricey hard-to-find import.
Here’s what Bad Da Bing! Records have to say about it:

“The tiny city of Dunedin, located in the Otago Region of New Zealand, is synonymous with smart bands, incredible melodies and a wholly distinct and innovative music. Thanks to The Clean, The Chills, The Bats, The Verlaines, and The Dead C, etc. Dunedin has amassed a worldwide reputation for innovative music.

These young bands from Dunedin today have all created their own sound separate from the shadow of their city’s past, yet they retain the air of slightly disturbed melancholia, space and distance from the rest of the world so many of their predecessors shared. Yet again, an extraordinary number of incredible groups are populating the scene, and the songs on Temporary are the best of the best. A Dunedin Double Plus Good, if you will.”

US pre-orders from Ba Da Bing! Records:
And from Fishrider Records Bandcamp page:
It will also be available in the UK/ Europe via in due course
In case you are wondering why there are only two songs streaming so far, we wanted early adopters who have faith in the project to have first listen to the songs here which are unreleased/ unheard. While some songs on the compilation have been released by bands, mostly only via Bandcamp, there is new and exclusive material from Opposite Sex, Males, Trick Mammoth and Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union and a re-mixed version of Kane Strang’s ‘Winded’ – which is one of the two preview tracks here:

The compilation includes a ‘zine created by some of the musicians and includes writing about and by the bands, art, writing, posters and other ephemera. As well as the LP+zine version there is a CD+ ‘zine version and even a LP+CD+zine combo option.