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T E M P O R A R Y compilation album release shows 5th & 6th September


To celebrate the release of T E M P O R A R Y – Selections From Dunedin’s Pop Underground, shows are being held at Chick’s Hotel, Port Chalmers on Friday 5th September (Adrian Ng, Kane Strang, Opposite Sex Bad Sav) and Saturday 6th September (Strange Harvest, The Prophet Hens, The Shifting Sands, Death & The Maiden).

Entry is free with any pre-orders via Fishrider Records Bandcamp.

Tickets are on sale at Portil Records (Harvest Court all George St.) and Too Tone Records (North Road, Gardens shopping area) for $15 for both nights incl. an album download.

Door sales are $10 for each night. Come and join the party!

TEMPORARY Magazine flush

Trick Mammoth live session from Auckland

A few weeks before Christmas last year Trick Mammoth headed to Auckland to play at Flying Out/ Flying Nun Records Christmas party along with The Verlaines, who were reprising their 1985 debut album “Hallelujah, All The Way Home” with the line-up which recorded the album.

Here’s three songs from Trick Mammoth’s set – “Himalayas”, “Delphine (With A Purpose)” and “Days of Being Wild” -

Filmed for Flying Nun/ Flying Out by PIKDAT Edited by Phoebe MacKenzie in Dunedin.

Live sound recording by Andre Upston, Radio NZ. Mixed by Ian Henderson at Fishrider HQ.

Trick Mammoth are Millie Lovelock (guitar, vocals), Sam Valentine (drums), Adrian Ng (guitar, vocals) & Kane Strang (bass).

The Shifting Sands on tour West Coast USA with David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights!


The Shifting Sands are playing 6 shows on the US West Coast with David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights starting 30 July in Portland. They are the first band on Fishrider Records to tour overseas.

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – End Times Undone
USA Tour (all shows with The Shifting Sands except Merge Fest.)

July 25th – Merge Fest. NC
July 30th – Bunk Bar, Portland (also with Daydream Machine)
July 31st – Logger Bar, Blue Lake
Aug 1st – Rickshaw Stop, San Fransisco
Aug 2nd – Los Globus, LA
Aug 3rd – Soda Bar, San Diego
Aug 5th – Bishop Pot Luck Society, Bishop, CA

Dates from David Kilgour’s website:

Check out The Shifting Sands music here:

Their album ‘Feel’ is available here:

T E M P O R A R Y – Selections From Dunedin’s Pop Underground – pre-orders

We are excited to be able to announce pre-orders for our next release – a compilation of young Dunedin bands called T E M P O R A R Y – Selections from Dunedin’s Pop Underground.

Even more exciting is that we have combined with Ba Da Bing! Records (New York, USA) to present this special compilation of the Dunedin ‘Pop Underground’ of today in the US as a ‘local release’ there, rather than a pricey hard-to-find import.
Here’s what Bad Da Bing! Records have to say about it:

“The tiny city of Dunedin, located in the Otago Region of New Zealand, is synonymous with smart bands, incredible melodies and a wholly distinct and innovative music. Thanks to The Clean, The Chills, The Bats, The Verlaines, and The Dead C, etc. Dunedin has amassed a worldwide reputation for innovative music.

These young bands from Dunedin today have all created their own sound separate from the shadow of their city’s past, yet they retain the air of slightly disturbed melancholia, space and distance from the rest of the world so many of their predecessors shared. Whether it is dark synth-pop, teen angst noise pop, guitar & organ jangle, or all-out psychedelic weirdness, these songs all hail from an isolated place on the edge of the world. Yet again, an extraordinary number of incredible groups are populating the scene, and the songs on Temporary are the best of the best. A Dunedin Double Plus Good, if you will.”

US pre-orders from Ba Da Bing! Records:
And from Fishrider Records Bandcamp page:
It will also be available in the UK/ Europe via in due course
In case you are wondering why there are only two songs streaming so far, we wanted early adopters who have faith in the project to have first listen to the songs here which are unreleased/ unheard. While some songs on the compilation have been released by bands, mostly only via Bandcamp, there is new and exclusive material from Opposite Sex, Males, Trick Mammoth and Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union and a re-mixed version of Kane Strang’s ‘Winded’ – which is one of the two preview tracks here:

The compilation includes a ‘zine created by some of the musicians and includes writing about and by the bands, art, writing, posters and other ephemera. As well as the LP+zine version there is a CD+ ‘zine version and even a LP+CD+zine combo option.


FISH013 is a compilation LP called T E M P O R A R Y



It is being pressed right now and a release announcement should be made end at the end of June.

Trick Mammoth’s WIAIWYA 7777777 UK Singles Club release day

7th of May is the official release date for Trick Mammoth’s 7″ picture disc singles club single on UK label WIAIWYA (‘Where It’s At Is Where You Are’).

Here’s the sublime & beautiful, wistful & melancholy ‘Doll’ from the single:

We were all bemused by a newspaper review here in NZ of Trick Mammoth’s ‘Floristry’ album earlier this year which took exception the album press release, commenting their description as “a flower cult pop band from Dunedin, New Zealand”…”presumes an international audience..” and suggesting the band “should leave home to discover the realities of this country, let alone the world.”

The offending press release included the information the album was released in the UK and Europe at the same time. Unknown to the reviewer, respected UK indie-pop label WIAIWYA saw their potential early on too, inviting them to be part of their singles club this year.

NZ has such a small population, and the market within that population for any music that isn’t ‘mass-market’ is so tiny, a label here would only consider releasing something like this if it could ‘presume an international audience.’

In the case of Trick Mammoth WIAIWYA confirmed our presumptions early on and Trick Mammoth & Fishrider Records thank them for that. We hope all our followers and supporters will also support this most passionate of labels committed to underground pop. These singles are in limited supply now – only 77 of the beautiful picture discs are available for individual sale so get in quick for a copy if you haven’t already secured one.


Trick Mammoth new single on WIAIWYA 7777777 single’s club

Are you a collector of rare/ limited run 7” single and/or picture discs? Are you a fan of Trick Mammoth? If so check this singles club release from UK indie-pop label WIAIWYA.

It is a 7” picture disc, #2 in the WIAIWYA singles club series of 7 for 2014 – called 7777777 of course.

Yes, the ‘Flower Cult pop’ trio from Dunedin have been busy – the single is two of the four songs recorded a few days before Christmas last year – ‘Candy Darling’ and ‘Doll’. The other two songs will be released later this year.

Each single in the WIAIWYA 7777777 series this year depicts a stage of creating & releasing music. Trick Mammoth’s picture disc was illustrated by Daniel Novakovic from Malmo Sweden – an artists who also runs the So Tough! So Cute! indie-pop club there.
7777777 Doll Trick Mammoth picture disc

You can subscribe to the whole set of 7 or buy individual releases. However there are only 77 individual copies of each single available. Pre-sales start 77 days ahead of their release date, which is on the 7th day of each of the 7 months of the singles club.

When you pre-order you get one song as a download straight away (‘Candy Darling’ which Adrian sings). You’ll have to wait until the single is out (7 May for this) to hear the other song – Millie singing the heart-breaking ‘Doll’. Subscribers for the whole series receive each new single as soon as they are pressed – a couple of months ahead of release date for the individual sale 77 copies.

Trick Mammoth recording 'Candy Darling' & 'Doll', Dunedin, December 21 & 22 2013

Trick Mammoth recording ‘Candy Darling’ & ‘Doll’, Dunedin, December 21 & 22 2013

Some trivial facts here – Millie plays her lead guitar lines here through a ferocious & deafening Sunn 0))) tube amplifier formerly used by the 3Ds.