The Clientele’s “George Says”

George D. Henderson of The Puddle has been immortalised (?) in a song by British band The Clientele. The song “George Says” quotes the chorus from the Puddle song “I’ve Lost my Way in This World”. The Clientele, who are big NZ music fans, played in NZ last year and asked George to open for their Auckland show. The EP is out on the Spanish label Acuarela soon.


2 responses to “The Clientele’s “George Says”

  1. Hi Carrie, ian and George, great idea with the blog! Maybe Ian and George should come over to Europe when the Clientele are touring here again. You guys would be a perfect support-act.

    Looking forward to the new Puddle record! Andy Williams meets the stooges..great..!

    Take care


  2. Hey Thomas!

    I am only “here” by way of dropping hints into Mr. Fishrider’s ear. But it is nice to be included with the Henderson boys hehe.

    Having said that I will be commenting routinely on all the groovy stuff Ian is putting up here at his site. 🙂

    Good to “see” you.

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