Album preview songs for The Shakespeare Monkey

The Shakespeare Monkey

A couple of teasers for the forthcoming album “The Shakespeare Monkey” by The Puddle are up on the Fishrider MySpace page…

The two tunes represent the ying and the yang of the album. “So Good” is trashy garage rock about fidelity (“Monogamy” revisited?)and “As it Was” is a kind of biographic lush semi-epic ballad about British working-class author/ philosopher and self-proclaimed genius Colin Wilson.

The album will be roughly half and half “garage rock” and whatever “lounge-core psych-pop” might be when it’s dressed in its op-shop finest but there are several songs that kinda fall between those two extremes and are just… well, The Puddle.

Did we tell you it’s gonna be over an hour long? Yeah, well even with 3 or 4 songs left off it’s going to provoke grumpy “too long” complaints from some quarters. Presumable from people who eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting. For them we will urge that they view it as a compilation album made up of 17 (at last count) tunes by Dunedin’s finest freaks, or as a double album. or, if you are digitally inclined, just download the stuff that you like and ignore the rest.

For the rest of us it’s a feast and if The Puddle have this many tunes to share with the world then bring it on!


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