The Puddle – midwinter NZ tour, Part 1

The Puddle are halfway through their New Zealand tour now.  The shows so far have been:

Fri 3 July at Circardian Rhythm in Dunedin with the Dark Beaks – this was a set of mostly new songs from the two most recent albums.

Sun 5 July at Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers – this was a set of first decade (84-94) songs as a kind of 25th anniversary special. Thanks to all those who came out to Chicks and made this such a memorable night.


Thursday 9 July at Wunderbar, Lyttelton with Green Eyed Owl (an offshoot of The Pickups)- this was a set with a bit of everything in it and some interesting exchanges with the crowd. We’ll follow up on that idea of Puddle figurines and dolls to add to our merchandise options, thank-you.

Friday 10 July at Frank’s Cafe in Greymouth on the West Coast with Rex Bourke & The Aways (Rex’s new post-Dellburgoes band). The drive over the snowy mountain passes was brilliant as was the hospitality from Nell at the Cafe and the warm welcome we received from the Greymouth crowd. An epic set of about two and half hours was played there to satisfy the crowd who wouldn’t let us stop until after 1 am.

Saturday 11 July – first stop was back in Lyttelton for a live to air from the Volcano Radio studio here followed by an interview then off to Goodbye Blue Monday in Christchurch where we played a set of mostly 84-94 decade songs to a good crowd.

Coast to Coast, South Island, New Zealand

Coast to Coast, South Island, New Zealand

We covered 1400 kilometres on the South Island trip. Up next is the North Island leg starting with Wellington this coming weekend, playing at Happy in Wellington city on Saturday 18th. The gig we had arranged for Friday 17th has sadly been cancelled as the venue, Aunt Daisy’s Boathouse, closed down this week and it has been too late to arrange an alternative.

Shows coming up are:
Sat 18 July @ Happy, Wellington at 9pm ($15) with marineville

Thu 23 July @ Bacco (at Totos Restaurant), Auckland at 8pm ($15 pre-sales/ $20 door sales) with Ben+Bruno and the wonderful Dear Times Waste and Shaft!

Fri 24 July @ Ward Lane, Hamilton 8:30 ($15) withThe Hollow Grinders
Saturday 25 July @ Dogs Bollix,Auckland, 9:00 ($15) also with The Hollow Grinders. This will be the last gig of the tour so we’ll play until we drop and will try to air as many of the favourites as we can manage. There will be different sets each of the two night in Auckland so catch them both if you can. Who knows when the Puddle will tour like this again or be as sharp as this again!


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