The Puddle wrap up first New Zealand Tour for over 15 years

The Puddle in the Radio NZ Studio, Wellington

The Puddle in the Radio NZ Studio, Wellington

The Puddle completed their first NZ tour in over 15 years in Auckland last weekend. Playing 9 shows and doing 4 radio live-to-airs and one record store instore over the past 4 weeks has given The Puddle a taste for life on the road and it is something we will look to repeat in the next year and maybe even get overseas (dreams are free). The band very quickly became a consistent and magical live band (according to those who came to the shows and told us so).

As a result of the tour the first pressing of the new album The Shakespeare Monkey is almost sold out – we only have 3 copies left here at Fishrider HQ! We will be getting it re-pressed soon but the first run of 500 will become collector’s items as the next pressing run will be in a simple cardboard fold-out sleeve rather than the lovely 6 panel plus lyric booklet fold-out cardboard sleeve of that first pressing.

While in Wellington George was interviewed by Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand on 18 July and the band recorded 5 songs for a live session in the Radio NZ studio (Tender Validation, Hudibras, Seduced by Virgins, As it Was and Friends) which was broadcast on Music 101 on Saturday 25th July.

The Puddle were interviewed for the NZOwn show on Juice TV and recorded 5 new songs while they were in Auckland (the Walrus Arabia sessions at Frisbee Studio) and will be releasing them on Fishrider Records as an EP later this year (possibly with some bonus tracks from the live radio sessions recorded on tour) and also possibly released as a very limited edition 10″ vinyl EP/ Mini-album.

Other exciting news from the tour was that we found out while we were in Hamilton that the 16-track recordings for the “lost” 1996 Puddle album are still in existence. Plans are afoot to prepare this for release sometime.


The Puddle & Fishrider Records would like to thank the following for their assistance on the tour: Si @ Yellow-Eye, jamey @ Phantom, Andrew at Cheese on Toast, Angela @ Under the Radar, The Dark Beaks, Hector Hazard @ Chicks, Radio 1, RDU, William Daymond and Green Eyed Owl, Deborah @ Wunderbar, Rob Mayes, Nell at Frank’s Cafe, Rex, Dave & Aldous (Rex Bourke & The Aways), Mick & Ros @ Volcano Radio, Tim at Goodbye Blue Monday, Michael Owl for sound there, The Transistors for letting us play at their show (and for not breaking our bass amp when they smashed up their gear at the end of their set when they played “Sonic Reducer”), Miles Buckingham @ Uncharted and Radio Active, Mark Cubey and Kirsten Johnston & the sound techs @ RNZ, Kiran Dass, Mark of Marineville & Greg Cairns for the use of his Rogers kit, Warwick & Helen @ Happy, Chris, Rhys & Bruce the Bulldog @ Victoria Court Motor Lodge, Wellington, Bob Frisbee, Andrew Maitai, Owen Harris, John Baker, Ben+Bruno, Dear Time’s Waste, Shaft, John & Kathryn Widdup, Ward Lane & Chris Paki in Hamilton, The Hollow Grinders, Matthew Bannister, Charlotte & Lauren @ bFM, Aroha @ Juice TV, Wallace Chapman at Kiwi FM, Colin @ Dog’s Bollix and anyone else we have missed.

But most of all The Puddle & Fishrider Records would like to thank all the many hundreds who came out to see The Puddle on this tour and who made a lot of noise and told us you loved us and bought the albums and the Pop Lib T-Shirts. We had a great time because of you all.


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