“Virtual Show” almost ready to fly!

The Bats & Very Special Guests @ Sammys “Virtual Show” is nearly ready to go and is looking (and sounding) great.

Apologies for the delay in updating you all on progress. The time involved in the process of selecting songs, mixing sound and editing video was underestimated and I wanted to let you know when we had some definite information. Thanks you for being patient – I’m sure the results will be worth the wait.

There have also been some technical issues to resolve along the way. One technical issue we were unable to resolve was the quality of the sound recording for the David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights set. Unfortunately this means we have not been able to get songs to a quality we are prepared to release so sadly the “virtual show” will not include anything from David’s set.

To compensate the other 3 bands have each selected an additional song so the “virtual show” will now be 3 songs from Haunted Love, The Puddle & The Bats. I hope everyone is happy with that solution.

At the moment the edited video files are being converted to a standard format that will allow them to either be downloaded or burned to DVD. Some of you may have internet bandwidth or connection/ access issues which make the download option difficult. We will be offering a DVD of the “virtual show” to any of the “virtual show” ticket holders. While I am still hopeful we can get the download available before Christmas (fingers crossed) DVDs will take longer to finish are unlikely to be mailed until January.

You can view pictures of the show on the Rokpx website here


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