The Puddle live at Sammys – “virtual show”

The “virtual show” footage from the show on 7 November 2009 is finally complete.

The Puddle at sammys, Dunedin, with Al Starrett

The Puddle at sammys, Dunedin, with Al Starrett

To recap briefly – I organised a show on 7th November 2009 in Dunedin, with a line-up of The Bats, David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights, The Puddle and Haunted Love. A lot of people from around the world said they wished they could be there… so the idea began of finding a way to share it with them. The event was recorded and filmed and those who bought “virtual show” tickets before the show were to receive a download of footage of a couple of songs from each band a month or two after the event.

If only it was that easy… sound problems during the David Kilgour set meant we couldn’t offer anything from that set but the other bands provided an extra song. The first couple of downloads went out in that last week of December 2009 with more to come. Converting the video files to a format suitable for downloading while maintaining quality has been a technical challenge.

If you were one of the “virtual show” ticket buyers you should have received e-mail links to two downloads so far. If you haven’t received those check your spam folders and add my email to your e-mail contacts [fishrider (dot) records (at @ symbol) yahoo (dot) co (dot) nz]. The remaining song download links will be sent in January as soon as I can access the next batch.

You can see what the footage looks like here with The Puddle performing “Into the Moon” (from the 1991 Flying nun Records album of the same name). Some more footage from The Puddle’s set is being edited up for possible future release. Here’s “Monogamy” from the show as well.

The Puddle at Sammys, Dunedin

The Puddle at Sammys, Dunedin


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