The Puddle – new album finally being pressed!

The new Puddle album is determined to have a difficult and frustrating (for me) birth. It is finally off to California for the mysterious vinyl pressing process but no idea how long that will take. Much longer than I would like it to take no doubt!

The cover art by local legend Tanya Hoarfrost is finished and is being prepared for printing for the LP and CD covers. Everything on the album sleeve is hand-drawn and lettered. The lyrics will all be illustrated too. This is a special Puddle album – their masterwork. It is the ultimate representation of George’s songwriting and will be the highlight of The Puddle’s catalogue. There’s a preview video of a track from it here.

The opportunity has come along to do a split 7″ single as Fishrider Records’ first vinyl project. I have a treasured collection of 7″ singles and always loved their compactness/ brevity and miss them in the digital age. They don’t really make any commercial sense these days, but I still love the format.

When Robert Scott (The Clean, The Bats, Magic Heads) mentioned someone was making a video for a song he recorded with Adalita Srsen at a Mushroom songwriters workshop I offered to put it out as a 7″ single. It’s a great song that I loved the moment he first played it to me. When I heard it wasn’t going to be included on his upcoming solo album it just made sense to give it a “life” if he wanted. I had an unreleased one-off song by The Puddle last year that also featured a female voice echoing George’s singing and so thought that would be a perfect match for Robert & Adalita’s song on a collectable split 7″ single. He (and Adalita) agreed. Sorted!


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