The Puddle – “Playboys in the Bush” released

The Puddle "Playboys in the Bush" CDIt’s been a bit of a mission to get the new Puddle album from the recording studio to the world but Fishrider Records is proud to (finally) announce the release of “Playboys in the Bush” by New Zealand psych-pop legends The Puddle.

It’s the album that the Puddle’s George D. Henderson has always wanted to record and it sounds unlike anything else The Puddle have released, while still retaining that familiar and unique sound. Producer Richard Steele (a saxophone player briefly for The Puddle when he was a student in Dunedin in the early ’90s) brought the band to Wellington and put them in Inca Studios under the expert sound recording engineering guidance of Mike Gibson. At that time The Puddle consisted of George plus long-time Puddle collaborator Ross Jackson on bass and Heath Te Au (who had played drums in Mink with George in the mid 1990s). This line-up of The Puddle had played together since about 2001. Let loose in a studio for 3 days they recorded two dozen songs, selecting half for completion for this album. Completing the overdubs and mixing took another few years (during which time George, with a new Puddle line-up recorded “No Love – No Hate” and “The Shakespeare Monkey” at his brother’s home recording studio in Dunedin). And finally.. well, here we are!

The album is also being pressed on vinyl (another mission in itself) and should be available in this format (with free digital download) from November 2010. The cover art is by Dunedin underground artist Tanya Hoarfrost. The CD booklet features a drawing for each track and the vinyl edition will have an illustrated lyric sheet.

Once the vinyl version is available to album will be distributed to NZ retail stores. The CD version (and possibly also vinyl) will be available from CDBaby in the US, from Powertool Records in Germany, and from Pebble Records in the UK. If all else fails, or if you like to deal direct with the label, e-mail us at fishrider (dot) records (swirly at sign thing) yahoo (dot) co (dot) nz and we’ll work out a way to get your chosen Puddle album format to you quickly.


2 responses to “The Puddle – “Playboys in the Bush” released

  1. Hiya, so how do I buy the Puddle’s new album from New Zealand? Could you please advise cost including postage, and account name and number if I can purchase it from you direct. Thanks!

    • fishriderrecords

      Should be in shops/ Amplifier mailorder etc. in next few weeks. You can mailorder from Fishrider by e-mailing the address in the post above. CD in NZ is NZ$20 incl P&P. Vinyl album should be here before end of November and will be $35 incl. P&P mailorder from Fishrider.

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