Upcoming debut album release from Opposite Sex

Opposite Sex

Opposite Sex

Opposite Sex are the newest addition to the Fishrider Records family. When The Puddle were planning their epic tour of the North Island of NZ earlier this year they were looking for a band to play with them in the isolated East Coast town of Gisborne. Chairman Jim of Dunedin’s legendary Garage Fanzine lives there now and he recommended Opposite Sex. A few e-mails later some rough MP3s of practice-room noise arrived at Fishrider HQ. Even in this raw form they were an extraordinary noise and sounding like nothing else we’d heard for a long while – in fact sounding a bit like a punkish early Puddle and Slapp Happy we initially thought.

And so Opposite Sex played with The Puddle (and an orchestra of chirping crickets) in Gisborne at the Kingfisher Bar. It was a noisy set mixing trace elements of of pop, rockabilly and melodic post-punk with waltzes and time changes, percussive bass and soaring flights of melody. It seemed like their music defied any conventions and stylistic genres and it made The Puddle think of the freeform sounds of the alternative fringes of New Wave in the late 70s and early 80s… a time well before the lives of the three members of Opposite Sex – Lucy (bass, vocals), Tim (drums, vocals) & Fergus (guitar) – even began.

Lucy & Tim relocated to Dunedin to study and took up our invite to record. Fergus came down and, over a weekend in April 2011, Opposite Sex recorded the songs that will make up their debut album at Fishrider Studio. They somehow manage to fuse together elements of melodic post-punk, new wave, French pop, jazz, and rockabilly and a whole lot more and still come away sounding distinctly Antipodean. One of the defining characteristics of the best alternative Kiwi pop has always been the ability to assimilate all sorts of strange and unrelated pop culture influences, blend in something dark and unsettling that perhaps comes from a sense of isolation and hopelessness, and express these as something unique and out of step with the rest of the music world.

Here’s a little sample of Opposite Sex with the DUD#2 Comic Collective Compilation mix of “Sea Shanty (Under the Sea)”

Check out the page Introducing… Opposite Sex for more info and sounds.


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