How to buy the Opposite Sex album

We have been getting a lot of enquiries at Fishrider HQ about the best way to get a copy of the album, particularly in the UK, thanks to some unexpected airplay since January 2012 on Marc Riley’s BBC Radio 6 show (and now other BBC Radio shows). Fishrider Records doesn’t have distribution in the UK or Europe so, apart from Rough Trade in London, you can’t buy it in stores yet.

UPDATE March 2012: New Zealand’s Fishrider Records and UK-based Occultation Recordings (Wild Swans, Distractions, June Brides, etc.), are pleased to announce a trans-global alliance for the UK release of the self-titled debut album by Opposite Sex, available on 180g vinyl and CD from Occultation Recordings and in all good record stores and online music retailers too as it has full retail distribution in the UK and Europe by Proper from 23rd April 2012.

In the meantime you can buy it as a download (WAV, lossless FLAC, MP3), CD or LP direct and easily from our Bandcamp page:

When you buy the CD or LP you receive an immediate free download of the album so you can enjoy it while it finds its way to you from Fishrider HQ in Dunedin, New Zealand. We ship straight away by airmail and it usually only takes 5-6 days to the UK. There are less than 20 of the NZ pressing of 150 left as at mid March 2012 so get in quick to get a copy of what is bound to be a highly sought after “first edition” copy in future.

UPDATE 25 April 2012: There are only 5 copies left of the original NZ pressing but the UK pressing is now available via Occultation Recordings at a much better price than getting one mailed from NZ. You can still buy one from the Bandcamp site but if you are in the UK or Europe it will ship from the UK.

Alternatively, the CD and LP is available by mailorder from both Pebble Records and Norman Records and from any of your favourite terrestrial or virtual record stores in the UK.

If you are in the US or Canada you can get the CD from CDBaby and stores will also be able to import the CD and LP from the UK distributor.

It’s also available as a digital download from iTunes.


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