UK release 23 April 2012 for Opposite Sex album

It’s 23 April 2012 and it’s finally here… the implausible UK release for the extraordinary debut album by Opposite Sex. We’re still in a bit of head-shaking shock about how this has come about and also how it happened so quickly. It’s a long story. In a way it all started last year during a discussion on the internet about the first Scritti Politti EP. This was when I first “met” Nick from Occultation Recordings in the UK – finding we had a record collection and some post-punk/ no wave favourites in common. I think this was even before the Opposite Sex album was released in NZ.

Fast-forward to mid-January 2012 and Marc Riley starts playing the album on his 6 Music show in the UK. He adores it, considers it to be “brilliant” and, just as importantly, so do his listeners. They start a run on the album mail-order from NZ, resulting in the NZ LP pressing heading for being sold out very quickly.

In late February I begin thinking about a repressing. The UK seems to make sense. But how? I ask Nick if he’d mind looking after some boxes of Fishrider vinyl if I get it repressed in the UK. He listens to the album, loves what he hears, and goes one better by offering to organise the pressing for me. The details are sorted out over several early morning (for him)/ late night (for me) Skype video calls. The team at Vinyl 180 and Weatherbox who help facilitate the pressing for him also love the album and they help find a distributor…

And here we are, on 23 April 2012, with a UK release and retail distribution. Two tiny independent labels, both run by crazy-mad enthusiasts, linking hands across the oceans via the internet to bring this “truly pure and slightly feral” album to the UK (and Europe).

Meanwhile Opposite Sex
– Lucy, Tim & Fergus – are a bit bemused by all of this. They are busy, totally focussed on their university studies, playing the occassional show in Dunedin to a few dozen friends and a growing legion of local fans. Here’s to their musical jumble-shop of carnival waltzes, manic post-punk and wonky subversive pop and it’s amazing journey from a Dunedin basement to the world.


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