Unreleased Opposite Sex song ‘In The Trees’ featured on Pigeons & Planes

Confusion is the head honcho at a popular online music discovery magazine in the US called Pigeons & Planes. Confusion liked the Opposite Sex album a lot. The rule for getting included on Pigeons & Planes though is to have something ‘exclusive’ for their followers to download or watch.

‘In the Trees’ was an album out-take that Lucy & Tim weren’t entirely happy with at the time because they thought they could do their vocals much better. But they agreed, a bit reluctantly, to put it forward for consideration. Confusion loved it so much it was even added to their ’10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now’ roll. The Pigeons & Planes followers have also taken a liking to it, judging by the large number of listens and downloads it has had since going up on 29 June.

The song has always been a favourite here at Fishrider HQ because it captures something of the wired intensity their live performances can reach at times. And also because the guitar playing from Fergus is inventive and playful as usual; twisting like an angry snake in the verses then charging like a snarling wolf pack through the choruses. Plus there is the accidental magic of the way his effect pedal battery dies in the last 20 seconds, causing his guitar sound to disintegrate and the song to sputter to a perfect gasping end.

This listener comment was pretty cool too: “if you like The Opposite Sex, there’s a whole genre for you, it’s called No Wave, from NYC in the early 80s. check out The Contortions, DNA, and The Lounge Lizards.”

View what Pigeons and Planes had to say about the song here

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3 responses to “Unreleased Opposite Sex song ‘In The Trees’ featured on Pigeons & Planes

  1. Is there any news on the possibility of Opposite Sex playing live in the near future, in Dunedin? Am loving the album.

    • fishriderrecords

      You have just missed them – they played in Dunedin last Wednesday at The Crown and on Friday at Chicks Hotel, both times supporting Die! Die! Die! – No more shows in the pipeline at the moment but bound to be doing something again soon. Thanks for asking and glad you are enjoying the album – we are too!

  2. fishriderrecords

    Opposite Sex have a couple of Dunedin shows coming up on Friday 31 August at The Crown http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/431168760255627/ and
    Saturday 1 September 2 – 7 Otago Womens’ Pioneer Hall, Moray Place: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/431168760255627/

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