Factory Star ‘New Sacral’ mini-album co-release on Fishrider Records

Occultation Recordings of England and Fishrider Records of New Zealand announce the lifting of the veil of the New Sacral with the release of a new six-track mini-album by Factory Star.

Factory Star was formed in December 2008 by Martin Bramah, founder member of both The Fall (1976-79 and rejoining for Extricate in 1990) and Blue Orchids, with whom he recorded the astonishing The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) LP for Rough Trade. “Some of the most visionary music of its era” was how Simon Reynolds described Blue Orchids’ hallucinogen-fuelled pagan Celtic postpunk psych-pop in his book Rip it Up and Start Again – Postpunk 1978-1984.

Factory Star’s combination of Bramah’s distinctive guitar style and masterful lyrical flights, along with swirling, hypnotic keyboards, is reminiscent of Blue Orchids at their most potent. The new mini-album New Sacral follows the debut Factory Star album, Enter Castle Perilous, released Easter 2011 and followed in December 2011 by the unlikeliest of perfect Christmas singles, Lucybel.

New Sacral is a distillation of Factory Star’s first quest for “Pure Land” wherein the band are pushed to the very limits of reason and forced to face the ineffable question. When asked to write a press release Bramah just muttered something about “channelling the Dark Spark…” All that can be truthfully said is that they returned changed men with six powerful songs to share – the whole adventure is encrypted within this one Occultation/ Fishrider disc.

This is the second joint Occultation/Fishrider release following the eponymous debut album by Opposite Sex which saw an already successful NZ album given a full UK release earlier this year. This time the boot is on the other foot. The Factory Star mini-album is a perfect fit with the Fishrider catalogue of “psych-pop & no wave from below the underground”, as Bramah is something of a kindred spirit to The Puddle’s George D. Henderson in his journey through and beyond the dark edges of music, life, literature and the arcane history of human ritual.

New Sacral, Occultation MAB7DC019/Fishrider FISH009, will be available in New Zealand as a 10” mini-LP and a CD, and also as a 10″+CD bundle from Fishrider Records mail-order and from all good record shops from 27th August.

Listen to Olympian from New Sacral here:

Listen to Weird World from New Sacral here:

The Factory Star album Enter Castle Perilous is also available in New Zealand through Fishrider Records as a LP and a CD, and also as an LP+CD+7″ single bundle.


One response to “Factory Star ‘New Sacral’ mini-album co-release on Fishrider Records

  1. Brilliant. Reminds me of much I already love – The Only Ones come to mind – in a good way. Good score Ian.

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