Fishrider Top 10 (free) Love Songs for your Valentine



We hate the commodification and commercialisation of L O V E as much as the next curmudgeon. But, being a labour or love label (a label of love?) we are big on L O V E. So here’s the Fishrider Top 10 Love songs. All of these are free right now so if you are too cheap or broke (or just sensible) to splash out on flowers and chocolates (what if s/he is allergic to pollen or dairy/ gluten intolerant?) you can share a gift that shows you are a caring, loving, thoughtful person and a discerning appreciator of some of the New Zealand’s finest wonky subversive alternative and 100% independent unpopular pop.

1. Monogamy – The Puddle (Playboys in the Bush)

2. Master/ Slave – Opposite Sex (Opposite Sex)

3. What I Believe – The Puddle (Playboys in the Bush)

4. Spill Your Heart – The Dark Beaks (Spill Your Heart)

5. Tender Validation – The Puddle (Secret Holiday/ Victory Blues)

6. Let’s Go Down – The Shifting Sands (Feel)

7. One Romantic Gesture – The Puddle (The Shakespeare Monkey)

8. Mary Lu – Opposite Sex (Opposite Sex)

9. You’re So Pretty – The Puddle (The Shakespeare Monkey)

10. No Love – No Hate – The Puddle (Playboys in the Bush – CD bonus track)

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