Trick Mammoth

Photo by Sam Clark

Photo by Sam Clark

Another band joining the Fishrider family this year is young Dunedin floral-pop trio Trick Mammoth.

I first heard Trick Mammoth via a song ‘Himalayas’ on a compilation put together by Dunedin music space The Attic. Not long after that a lovely and haunting low-key, mostly acoustic album appeared on Bandcamp called ‘Floristry’. At that stage Trick Mammoth, and the person behind these songs, was a mystery.

Then a Trick Mammoth band formed and revealed itself with a stunning demo single ‘Baltimore’, recorded on a single SingStar microphone at The Attic in Dunedin.

Trick Mammoth songwriter and guitarist Adrian Ng was joined by his friends Millie Lovelock (also in excellent Dunedin space-pop duo Astro Children) and Sam Valentine (from Dunedin power-pop trio Males).

After playing ‘Baltimore’ obsessively for a while I met Adrian in a record store. He told me he was trying to record a whole album with the band using that single microphone and his laptop. Not surprisingly it was taking a long time and he had trouble recording drums.

I offered to record them at Fishrider and also release something by them… hopefully an album. It’s all being mixed right now so watch this space…

Read more about Trick Mammoth here and here.


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