“So High” By Males

Here’s a video for ‘So High’ from the next release on Fishrider Records (catalogue #FISH011) by Males – ‘Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales’.

Males are a pop band. Guitar pop. They call it ‘garage pop’, or ‘beach pop’, but it seems more than that. Insanely catchy short songs, crammed with melody, propulsive guitar, helium vocals & harmonies. It’s power-pop on a sugar diet, with serious themes.

Guitarist/ songwriter/ vocalist Richard Ley-Hamilton writes miniature sing-a-long anthems combining earworm chorus hooks with sparkling precision guitar work. Bassist Sam punctuates Males’ songs with propulsive, overdriven bass runs. In his spare time he also plays drums with Dunedin floral popsters, and fellow Fishrider Records band, Trick Mammoth.

Is this an album, a mini-album or a double EP with an extra single? It’s all these things. Four of the 9 songs here are from ‘MalesMalesMales’ – their debut EP, recorded and released online in 2012 along with a very limited 7” lathe-cut. ‘So High’ was their 2103 single and ‘Run Run Run’ was to be their next 4-song EP. Until Fishrider Records offered to release it all on 12” vinyl, where these songs belong.

Males ‘Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales’ is released on Fishrider Records in November 2013. You can get it on a limited 300 pressing pressed from Neumann DMM masters on 180 gram vinyl rotating at 45 RPM. It sounds amazing.


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