New releases from Trick Mammoth & Males

TM Floristry poster & CD

We are thrilled to announce the imminent release of Dunedin ‘flower cult’ pop band Trick Mammoth’s gorgeous debut album ‘Floristry’ – which has its official retail release in NZ on 31 January and in the UK in February 2012 but will be available to pre-order from us before Christmas [The UK release is handled by Occultation Recordings ]

Floristry by Trick Mammoth LP/CD FISH012

Trick Mammoth are a flower cult pop band from Dunedin. Fragile, lucid, but rough around the edges, their songs are unintentionally sincere and bashfully honest, performed with open arms and a soft indifference. Drawing mostly on film, literature and poetry, their music has a shy pretension buried under layers of simplicity. With comparisons ranging from Black Tambourine to The Carpenters, this youthful trio of Adrian, Millie & Sam have crafted a sound saccharine sweet yet doused in death. Gorgeous dream-pop from the margins.

Trick Mammoth play in Auckland on 14th December with The Verlaines, Surf City & Astro Children at the Kings Arms as part of the Flying Out Christmas extravaganza.

We have also just released a glorious debut 9 song mini-album by Males (who share some members with Trick Mammoth). We may be biased but in our view Males are the best live band in NZ right now. Their album has also started receiving a lot of radio play in the US/ Canada college radio network – immediately becoming one of the most-played albums across the hundreds of stations on the network.

Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales by Males LP/CD FISH011
Males are a guitar pop band from Dunedin, making ‘garage pop’ – insanely catchy short songs, crammed with melody, propulsive guitar, helium vocals & harmonies. It’s helium-powered pop on a sugar diet, with serious themes. This debut mini-album collects together their first EP, a single & four brand new songs into one convenient bag of aural treats.
“23 minutes of the most celebratory and unselfconscious guitar-pop produced in this neck of the woods” Otago Daily Times
Listen to Males and order the album here

If you are in Dunedin on Friday 20th December we are having a combined album release at Chick’s Hotel for Trick Mammoth & Males. What better way to celebrate our 7th birthday & have a Christmas Party!

Special guests, prizes: probably.

Flowers: definitely.

Poster by Robbie Motion

Poster by Robbie Motion


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