The Prophet Hens – All Over The World

‘All Over The World’ is our favourite song from The Prophet Hens album ‘Popular People Do Popular People’. It’s the favourite of quite a lot of people All Over The World too.

Keyboard player Penelope Esplin takes the lead vocals on this song. Here’s some trivia stuff related to Penelope & her instrument:
Penelope plays a very old Casiotone 3/4 size keyboard her Dad gave to her when she was a child.
The album title – “Popular People Do Popular People” – was a phrase Penelope used when setting levels and checking for popping when setting up for vocal recording.
The Casiotone keyboard has it’s own special ‘gig-bag’ protector made by Penelope out of an old wetsuit and covered with fake zebra ‘fur’.
Penelope also plays accordion, but not usually with The Prophet Hens.

The video was edited together from footage from two of Dunedin’s live music venues – a live show at the legendary Chick’s Hotel at Port Chalmers near Dunedin, and some video from when we did their press photos at Taste Merchants, in central Dunedin. During the day Taste Merchants is a small cafe run by Prophet Hens’ (and The Verlaines’) drummer Darren Stedman, who also runs a specialist beer & wine shop next door.


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