Trick Mammoth radio interview

Trick Mammoth were interviewed by Radio New Zealand recently.

Adrian, Millie & Sam talk about the origins of the songs on their album ‘Floristry’, the song-writing process, and how they went from recording demos to a laptop via a solitary SingStar microphone to recording their debut album with legendary Dunedin sound engineer (and equally legendary home-brewer) Tex Houston (The Clean, The 3-Ds, The Verlaines, Magick Heads, Look Blue Go Purple, etc.) within a year.


The three members of Trick Mammoth were involved in 4 separate bands releasing 4 albums within the last 3 months. So, in addition to Trick mammoth’s ‘Floristry’:
Adrian recorded and released a cassette album (via The Attic) as Mavis Gary (a self-recorded, solo project)
Millie recorded and released an album ‘Proteus’ as Astro Children (her band with drummer Isaac Hickey)
Sam released a mini-album (also on Fishrider) as part of Males (although he is drummer for Trick mammoth he plays bass for Males)

The Venn Diagram below shows the relationship between these bands. Richard from Males now also sometimes plays in Trick Mammoth.

Venn Diagram of some related Dunedin Pop Underground bands & members

Venn Diagram of some related Dunedin Pop Underground bands & members

It is well worthwhile checking out the releases of all the ‘extended family’ of bands related to Trick Mammoth, particularly ‘Proteus’ which Astro Children released late last year. It’s available as a fine-looking CD package from Muzai Records.


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