Trick Mammoth – “Delphine (With A Purpose)” video

Here’s the first music video from Trick Mammoth. “Delphine (With A Purpose)” is from their debut album ‘Floristry’.

The Video was created by Emily Hlavac Green (Emily also took the cover image for ‘Floristry’)

Emily was assisted by Alex Lovell-Smith @ A&E Studio in Dunedin

The video features Rachel Chin (Delphine), Adrian Ng, Mille Lovelock & Sam Valentine (Trick Mammoth) and a friend, Hilary Thomson.

Adrian on “Delphine (With A Purpose)” – from Mess+Noise
“It’s centred around that Holly Golightly quote: “Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.” Delphine is sort of a metaphorical assassin, she kills people in an attempt to leave her former self… This was also one of the first songs I wrote with no intention to do vocals on, which was very nice. To me, this feels like Millie’s song. She owns it.”

‘Floristry’ was/is released by and, in the UK by Fishrider & on 24 February 2014.


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