Trick Mammoth new single on WIAIWYA 7777777 single’s club

Are you a collector of rare/ limited run 7” single and/or picture discs? Are you a fan of Trick Mammoth? If so check this singles club release from UK indie-pop label WIAIWYA.

It is a 7” picture disc, #2 in the WIAIWYA singles club series of 7 for 2014 – called 7777777 of course.

Yes, the ‘Flower Cult pop’ trio from Dunedin have been busy – the single is two of the four songs recorded a few days before Christmas last year – ‘Candy Darling’ and ‘Doll’. The other two songs will be released later this year.

Each single in the WIAIWYA 7777777 series this year depicts a stage of creating & releasing music. Trick Mammoth’s picture disc was illustrated by Daniel Novakovic from Malmo Sweden – an artists who also runs the So Tough! So Cute! indie-pop club there.
7777777 Doll Trick Mammoth picture disc

You can subscribe to the whole set of 7 or buy individual releases. However there are only 77 individual copies of each single available. Pre-sales start 77 days ahead of their release date, which is on the 7th day of each of the 7 months of the singles club.

When you pre-order you get one song as a download straight away (‘Candy Darling’ which Adrian sings). You’ll have to wait until the single is out (7 May for this) to hear the other song – Millie singing the heart-breaking ‘Doll’. Subscribers for the whole series receive each new single as soon as they are pressed – a couple of months ahead of release date for the individual sale 77 copies.


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