Trick Mammoth’s WIAIWYA 7777777 UK Singles Club release day

7th of May is the official release date for Trick Mammoth’s 7″ picture disc singles club single on UK label WIAIWYA (‘Where It’s At Is Where You Are’).

Here’s the sublime & beautiful, wistful & melancholy ‘Doll’ from the single:

We were all bemused by a newspaper review here in NZ of Trick Mammoth’s ‘Floristry’ album earlier this year which took exception the album press release, commenting their description as “a flower cult pop band from Dunedin, New Zealand”…”presumes an international audience..” and suggesting the band “should leave home to discover the realities of this country, let alone the world.”

The offending press release included the information the album was released in the UK and Europe at the same time. Unknown to the reviewer, respected UK indie-pop label WIAIWYA saw their potential early on too, inviting them to be part of their singles club this year.

NZ has such a small population, and the market within that population for any music that isn’t ‘mass-market’ is so tiny, a label here would only consider releasing something like this if it could ‘presume an international audience.’

In the case of Trick Mammoth WIAIWYA confirmed our presumptions early on and Trick Mammoth & Fishrider Records thank them for that. We hope all our followers and supporters will also support this most passionate of labels committed to underground pop. These singles are in limited supply now – only 77 of the beautiful picture discs are available for individual sale so get in quick for a copy if you haven’t already secured one.



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