10 years ago…

The Dark Beaks "Spill Your Heart" [FISH001]

The Dark Beaks “Spill Your Heart” [FISH001]

Although Fishrider Records is 9 years old this year (2015), the fateful events leading up to the creation of the label began 10 years ago, with the commencement of recording of the album “Spill Your Heart” by The Dark Beaks early in January 2005.

“In A Coalmine” was one of the first songs recorded. It was done on an old ADAT machine which malfunctioned, but was mercifully repaired by local electronics wizard (and renowned experimental audio-visual artist) Nigel Bunn. The multi-tracks for the first few songs recorded at that stage were copied to a new digital hard drive recorder and the ADAT was swiftly sold (17/1/2005).

The Dark Beaks at that stage were a two-piece – Andrew Jamieson (guitars, vocals) and Ian Henderson (drums). They were joined by Andrew Last on bass in about March or April 2005 and recording, with Andrew Last added, was complete by mid 2005.

Late in 2005 Ian sent a CDR of the completed & mixed album to Ben Howe at Arch Hill Recordings in Auckland, with a letter suggesting it would be perfect for that label. No reply was received…

And that was how Fishrider Records started, in early 2006. As Ian Jorgensen (AKA ‘Blink’ of A Low Hum tours, ‘zine, compilation CDs at the time) used to say “don’t wait for someone else to do stuff for you; do it yourself!”

There was no vision beyond that one release at the time. That first release didn’t even have a catalogue number, as the idea of a sequence of releases had not been considered. Nine years later we are only up to release #14 (due February/ March 2015). A fairly languid pace, befitting a part-time labour-of-love record label.


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