TEMPORARY mini-documentary from The Wireless NZ

TEMPORARY_Wireless Doco title shot

The Wireless NZ has featured our TEMPORARY compilation, including interviews with some of the bands involved, in a 10 minute documentary which you can view below, once you’ve read my explanatory note.

It was filmed (beautifully) by Dunedin videographer John Bollen and presented by former Dunedin musician Anthonie Tonnon.

I tried to persuade Anthonie to not include me/ Fishrider Records in it when he first mentioned he wanted to do this. I’d rather the musicians tell their own story. But he wanted to use TEMPORARY as the basis for making the documentary, and insisted on interviewing me.  Thankfully he’s minimised my inclusion, though not nearly enough! I’m uncomfortable with the way some of the coverage and reviews of the compilation in the media focused on Fishrider Records and my role, so here’s my disclaimer.

A label doesn’t ‘create’ or ‘make’ or ‘discover’ a ‘scene’. A label is never ‘saviour’ of a scene, as one reviewer suggested. Labels have symbiotic relationships with music and musicians, usually around a style of music, but sometimes also within a geographic region. A ‘music scene’ is mostly an artificial construct, a perception in the imagination of observers and music journalists, usually far away, but maybe sometimes in that place.

I’m sure many of the musicians here don’t feel part of any ‘scene’ other than playing/ existing in the same location. Even though they all agreed to have a song on the compilation, I know some object strongly to their inclusion in a Dunedin music ‘scene’ – especially one portrayed as based around Fishrider – just as others may feel aggrieved by their exclusion.

TEMPORARY is just a collection of my favourite bands and songs.  Bands who self-release and other labels – notably The Attic (Mavis Gary) and Muzai Records (Astro Children), Lttl Paisly (Strange Harvest), Proxy Music (Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union) – deserve the credit for first releasing half the bands on TEMPORARY.

The mini-documentary is a great short insight into some of the things that make Dunedin pretty magic right now for music creation. Personal discomfort and repercussions aside, I’m really glad it was made. For the present and for the future. Because all this is temporary. And because some of TEMPORARY has already gone…

Dunedin's new pop underground from THE WIRELESS NZ on Vimeo.


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