“Cosmic Radio Station” by the Shifting Sands out now…

Shifting Sands A B Labels

“Cosmic Radio Station”, the 2nd album by The Shifting Sands is now out worldwide. This psychedelic transmission to inner & outer space is an album dripping sundazed melody through a shifting haze of fuzzy, chiming guitars, shimmering strings, and vocal harmonies.

“a psychedelic shoegaze trio whose promising second album suggests there may finally be an heir to those pioneering bands who first laid down the Dunedin Sound back 30 years ago…” Shindig! Magazine, UK (4/5 stars)

“…dense, multilayered psych pop is heavily reminiscent of the best of the Flying Nun bands, but with a twist…what’s in the water down there? How do these groups from these tiny, remote places create such majestic music? … A lovely album on all levels, highly recommended for fans of classic New Zealand music and for anyone who appreciates psychedelic-influenced rock music.” Active Listener

“…there’s not one track of filler… It’s a perfect sunny-day soundtrack… Magic album this. And much as I already loved The Shifting Sands this is a real step up. Not a foot wrong.” Off The Tracks (Simon Sweetman)

“…gloriously under-fi drone-scuzz psyche-rock… a lovely astral psyche-dreamscape.” Elsewhere/ Time Out (NZ)

“Part past, part future, the Shifting Sands aim hits the right cosmic spot.” The Finest Kiss (USA)

“…a ten-song tapestry of note perfect psychedelic pop, featuring intricately layered guitars, fuzz, feedback, melody, drone, and airy vocals.” When You Motor Away (USA)

TSS CRS unsleeved

Available in your local record store worldwide or direct from us via Bandcamp or, in the UK & Europe via Occultation Recordings. In North America you can get it from Revolver/ Midheaven.

TSS CRS Photo_cropped


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