We hate Spotify, but here’s a Spotify playlist

We hate* Spotify. But some people use it to discover music, so here’s a Fishrider Records playlist on Spotify. Please share it around friends and family and social media networks thanks!

*We hate Spotify because…

“Dividing an artist’s streams by the total streams on Spotify determines the percentage of our total pay-outs that should be paid for that artist’s rights” explains the Spotify website.

So… $144 NZD gets you a year’s Premium Subscription to Spotify. There were 25 million subscribers in 2015. The rights holder share is 70% (let’s say $100) but almost all your $100 goes to the rights holders for Drake, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna etc. because their songs are streamed most by the 50 million free users of Spotify and possibly some of the 25 million subscribers. Maybe $1 of your subscription $100 rights holder share will go to the artists you listen to.

Spotify depends on attracting and retaining subscribers and the income they bring. That requires a broad catalogue of artists. Almost nothing from your subscription goes to the artists you listen to if you listen to niche independent artists with modest numbers of plays. The tiny proportion of your subscription which does end up going to NZ based artists is going mostly to the rights holders for Six60.

For $144 NZD you could buy about 20 albums or 144 songs direct from an artist or small label on Bandcamp. Around 85% (@ $122) goes directly to them. You own the files (format/ quality of your choice) and can stream your purchases offline on your phone.

If you want to support local music or independent music subscribing to Spotify is not the way to do it. All it would take to make Spotify a “Fair Trade” option (rather than a scam) would be for Spotify to allocate income from subscribers to the artists they actually listen to. Can’t be that hard can it?

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