Bad Sav announce their 1st album

Bad Sav bannerIf guitar rock is dead, no-one told Bad Sav. The latest blast of Analogue Dunedin comes from the band that refused to be left behind. Although featuring Death And The Maiden guitarist/vocalist Hope Robertson and bassist/vocalist Lucinda King, plus Shifting Sands guitarist Mike McLeod (on drums here), Bad Sav are the primary strain from which both of those bands sprang.

When asked to describe her band’s sound in a 2010 interview (and yes, Bad Sav have been around for a bit, forming in 2008), Hope suggested “…a missed punch and a grazed fist. Sad, heavy, unpredictable loud pop”. Indeed, Bad Sav offer a far more guitar-oriented hard attack than DATM; their distinctive filtering and reassembly of influences from shoegaze, psychedelic noise-rock – and goodness knows where else – conjure up a uniquely electrified Dunedin sonic alchemy, bursting with colossal, majestic, melodic noise.

If you could define an emerging band by the bands they have been asked to play support slots for (and we are not suggesting you can), then what would a band asked to open for The Dead C, The Terminals, Sebadoh and The Cult sound like? Well, like Bad Sav, clearly. Guitarist Hope Robertson not only occupied the same position on the Dunedin Town Hall stage as Cult guitarist Billy Duffy but also filled the cavernous venue with as skillfully crafted guitar noise as Duffy.

Bad Sav’s debut album mixes off-kilter earworm pop with post-rock noise and huge soaring instrumentals eminently suitable for soundtracking epic space battles scenes or exploding universes in huge science fiction movies. “Hen’s Teeth” is the first song the band has chosen to share ahead of the album release worldwide on 21 September 2018.

Bad Sav_Hope Lucinda NoMike_photo by Chris Schmelz_smaller for web.jpg


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