Bad Sav release “bad sav”

Bad Sav banner

Bad Sav’s album is out and available around the world now. It’s already receiving appreciative feedback and reviews. Here’s a sample –

Bad sav “conjure epic maelstroms of distorted guitars, pounding drums, reverbed vocals and squalling noisescapes to teleport listeners into their bruised sonic universe” (UTR).

“there’s nothing laid back about this simmering crockpot of shoegaze, drone-rock, gritty instrumentals, architectural constructions of psyche guitar and pure pop-rock melodies.”(Elsewhere)

“a fine set of gray, shoegazer-tinged post-punk combining fuzzy, atmospheric guitars, brooding vocals and hypnotic song hooks.” (KEXP)

“Bad Sav combine chiaroscuro swirls of guitar with echoing, far-off vocals for an album rich in mystery.” (Bandcamp New & Notable)

“Shoegaze for David Lynch fans, turmoiled, disturbing guitar-pop, dark, intriguing psychedelia, Bad Sav sound stormy, nocturnal and cinematic.” (Bloodbuzzed)

“We’re digging the blend of chugging rhythms, dreamy vocal delivery and guitars that jangle in a distant fuzzed out way – like Dinosaur Jr and Bailterspace in a dream pop haze.” Doubtful Sounds

Bad sav DATM H_L photo

The photo above shows the LP versions of our two most recent album releases and a photo of Hope Robertson and Lucinda King, the two musicians, songwriters, vocalists & creative visionaries common to both these quite different albums from Death And The Maiden (“Wisteria”) and Bad Sav.

Each of the two albums is a distinct and remarkable sound world, the result of extraordinary imaginations. Many have already bought these on LP, CD or DL – for which we are all very grateful.

There are still many more who would adore these albums if they knew of them and heard them. If you agree, please help spread the word and share this around. Thank you!


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