Bad Sav on Bad Sav (and their “bad sav” album)

bad sav album composite image

Bad Sav released their self titled debut album “bad sav” a few months ago. The band have existed on and off for 10 years so have established a bit of a cult following here in NZ. For the benefit of those not familiar with the band here are a couple of recent interviews with Bad Sav guitarist, vocalist and song-writer Hope Robertson.

“It’s just nice to make a big racket, and keep it contained within that pop music format.”

From Naughty But Noise in NZ Musician.

“When I write a song if I’m so upset or angry or an emotion has gone beyond words, and just write some music and say, “Well, that sums it up”, I don’t think there’s any words necessary. At other times, words are totally necessary; if there’s an actual issue that’s happened or something you wanna discuss with yourself in songwriting then I’ll do that… I just like the repetition of finding a riff that makes you feel better about life and just playing it for ages.”

From an interview in Under the Radar NZ.

Bad sav DATM H_L photo



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