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Bad Sav on Bad Sav (and their “bad sav” album)

bad sav album composite image

Bad Sav released their self titled debut album “bad sav” a few months ago. The band have existed on and off for 10 years so have established a bit of a cult following here in NZ. For the benefit of those not familiar with the band here are a couple of recent interviews with Bad Sav guitarist, vocalist and song-writer Hope Robertson.

“It’s just nice to make a big racket, and keep it contained within that pop music format.”

From Naughty But Noise in NZ Musician.

“When I write a song if I’m so upset or angry or an emotion has gone beyond words, and just write some music and say, “Well, that sums it up”, I don’t think there’s any words necessary. At other times, words are totally necessary; if there’s an actual issue that’s happened or something you wanna discuss with yourself in songwriting then I’ll do that… I just like the repetition of finding a riff that makes you feel better about life and just playing it for ages.”

From an interview in Under the Radar NZ.

Bad sav DATM H_L photo



Bad Sav release “bad sav”

Bad Sav banner

Bad Sav’s album is out and available around the world now. It’s already receiving appreciative feedback and reviews. Here’s a sample –

Bad sav “conjure epic maelstroms of distorted guitars, pounding drums, reverbed vocals and squalling noisescapes to teleport listeners into their bruised sonic universe” (UTR).

“there’s nothing laid back about this simmering crockpot of shoegaze, drone-rock, gritty instrumentals, architectural constructions of psyche guitar and pure pop-rock melodies.”(Elsewhere)

“a fine set of gray, shoegazer-tinged post-punk combining fuzzy, atmospheric guitars, brooding vocals and hypnotic song hooks.” (KEXP)

“Bad Sav combine chiaroscuro swirls of guitar with echoing, far-off vocals for an album rich in mystery.” (Bandcamp New & Notable)

“Shoegaze for David Lynch fans, turmoiled, disturbing guitar-pop, dark, intriguing psychedelia, Bad Sav sound stormy, nocturnal and cinematic.” (Bloodbuzzed)

“We’re digging the blend of chugging rhythms, dreamy vocal delivery and guitars that jangle in a distant fuzzed out way – like Dinosaur Jr and Bailterspace in a dream pop haze.” Doubtful Sounds

Bad sav DATM H_L photo

The photo above shows the LP versions of our two most recent album releases and a photo of Hope Robertson and Lucinda King, the two musicians, songwriters, vocalists & creative visionaries common to both these quite different albums from Death And The Maiden (“Wisteria”) and Bad Sav.

Each of the two albums is a distinct and remarkable sound world, the result of extraordinary imaginations. Many have already bought these on LP, CD or DL – for which we are all very grateful.

There are still many more who would adore these albums if they knew of them and heard them. If you agree, please help spread the word and share this around. Thank you!

Bad Sav announce their 1st album

Bad Sav bannerIf guitar rock is dead, no-one told Bad Sav. The latest blast of Analogue Dunedin comes from the band that refused to be left behind. Although featuring Death And The Maiden guitarist/vocalist Hope Robertson and bassist/vocalist Lucinda King, plus Shifting Sands guitarist Mike McLeod (on drums here), Bad Sav are the primary strain from which both of those bands sprang.

When asked to describe her band’s sound in a 2010 interview (and yes, Bad Sav have been around for a bit, forming in 2008), Hope suggested “…a missed punch and a grazed fist. Sad, heavy, unpredictable loud pop”. Indeed, Bad Sav offer a far more guitar-oriented hard attack than DATM; their distinctive filtering and reassembly of influences from shoegaze, psychedelic noise-rock – and goodness knows where else – conjure up a uniquely electrified Dunedin sonic alchemy, bursting with colossal, majestic, melodic noise.

If you could define an emerging band by the bands they have been asked to play support slots for (and we are not suggesting you can), then what would a band asked to open for The Dead C, The Terminals, Sebadoh and The Cult sound like? Well, like Bad Sav, clearly. Guitarist Hope Robertson not only occupied the same position on the Dunedin Town Hall stage as Cult guitarist Billy Duffy but also filled the cavernous venue with as skillfully crafted guitar noise as Duffy.

Bad Sav’s debut album mixes off-kilter earworm pop with post-rock noise and huge soaring instrumentals eminently suitable for soundtracking epic space battles scenes or exploding universes in huge science fiction movies. “Hen’s Teeth” is the first song the band has chosen to share ahead of the album release worldwide on 21 September 2018.

Bad Sav_Hope Lucinda NoMike_photo by Chris Schmelz_smaller for web.jpg

Death And The Maiden “Wisteria” NZ Tour & video!

Death And The Maiden are celebrating the release of their 2nd album “Wisteria” by playing album release shows around NZ in late August and early September.

Thursday 30th August – Wellington, Caroline w/ Introverted Dancefloor
Friday 31st August – Auckland, The Others Way Festival
Friday 7th September – Christchurch, w/ Plaines, Motte and Ben Woods Group

If you are in Dunedin but missed their epic album release show at Pioneer Hall in Port Chalmers back in June you can catch them at The Captain Cook Hotel opening for Die! Die! Die! on Friday 24 August.

The band have also just released a video for “Mercury” from “Wisteria” made by Chris Schmelz which you can read about and view here at Under the Radar NZ.



Death And The Maiden talk about “Wisteria”


“Wisteria” has been out for a month now. Here’s a quick catch up on some of the responses to the album and interviews with the band.

UK magazine/ website The Quietus reviewed “Wisteria”, declaring it “an album that, at once, glistens with a hearty pulse and drifts further and further into ghostly fog…Beautiful, scary and endlessly evocative”.

The review was by Mick Middles, author of “Factory: The Story of the Record Label”, writing about a band from Dunedin, about as far away from Manchester as it is possible to go on earth.

Lucinda and Hope talked about his review in an interview on Dunedin’s access radio station.  Lucinda and Danny talked to Music 101 on Radio New Zealand explaining the background of some of the album’s songs.

The band also talked to local newspaper the Otago Daily Times, where Lucinda revealed her lyrics are influenced by the setting of their home town, Port Chalmers. “I walk around Back Beach in Port Chalmers a lot and that’s where a lot of my lyrics are written – as I’m walking, usually in cold weather.”


Source – ‘Weekend Mix’ in the Otago Daily Times 2 June 2018

The Shifting Sands release “Zoe” video

The Shifting Sands and their regular visual collaborator Veronica Brett have done it again. Here’s “Zoe” (which is pronounced “Zoh” says Mike, and refers to the name of a guy they met in LA while recording the two songs released as a double-A-side 7″ single).

“Wisteria” by Death And The Maiden

DATM_Wisteria_press_photo_reviewDeath And The Maiden return with their second album, “Wisteria”. If there’s a theme to “Wisteria” then it may best be summed up by the line “everything is wrong around us” from the enigmatic “Oooh Baby in the Chorus” which was the first song from the album shared by the Port Chalmers trio.

“Wisteria” is released in NZ/ Southern Hemisphere on Fishrider Records (distributed by Rhythmethod NZ) and in the UK/ Europe / Northern Hemisphere by Occultation Recordings (distributed by Cargo).

“This is the perfect soundtrack for the enveloping heat of a new season. Beautiful, scary and endlessly evocative.” The Quietus (UK)

“Wisteria” creates a shadowy world within a world; populated by melancholy melodic synth waves, dreamy reverb washed guitars and vocals that celebrate the excruciating beauty and crushing weight of everyday life.

The band – Lucinda King (vocals, Bass), Hope Robertson (guitar, drums, vocals) and Danny Brady (synths, programming) – create a beautiful depth of sound, nestled between the programmed beats, synth arpeggios, hypnotic guitars and a pulsing bass.

Continuing from their eponymous debut, “Wisteria” conjures dreams of love, decay. Sounding at times wispy and ethereal, “Wisteria” also has passages of driving, pulsing cacophony; breathing life into the dreams of the dead.

Another feature of the album is the art of vocalist and bassist Lucinda King, who embroidered the lettering on the album sleeve and the two images on the insert sheet.

DATM Wisteria LP in NZ