Death And The Maiden

Death And The Maiden [Photo by Esta de Jong]

Death And The Maiden [Photo by Esta de Jong]

While traveling through Berlin in 2012, Lucinda King ripped a sketch of a skeleton and a woman from a book, and stored it in her wallet. The piece was Death and the Maiden, a 19th Century engraving by Edvard Munch. It is an artwork steeped in mythology, one which explores the dark bounds between love and death, frailty of beauty, and beauty of decay.

On her return to New Zealand, Lucinda began to make music with Danny Brady. Inspired by the Chromatics, they initially sought to make their own style of hazy Italo-pop. However, as Lucinda’s vocals and basslines melded with Danny’s synth and drum programming, it became evident they were creating something much darker. Soon, the duo welcomed guitarist and drummer Hope Robertson to the fold, and Death And The Maiden was born.

Their entrancing self-titled debut album is released in NZ on 20 March and UK/ Europe on 13 April 2015.

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