Opposite Sex

Opposite Sex

Tim, Lucy & Fergus of Opposite Sex, Dunedin NZ, March 2012

OPPOSITE SEX came together by chance in the isolated North Island town of Gisborne. After a trip to Europe Lucy returned to Gisborne with a bass guitar and nothing to do, so she invented her own percussive style of playing and wrote strange and disturbing songs. She met 2nd hand bookshop owner Tim, who had had found a drum-kit on a front lawn at a garage sale, and taught him how to play drums. Fergus, self-taught from listening to Guitar Player magazine CDs in his bedroom, completed the trio.

The sound they developed in splendid isolation is, they say, some kind of absurdist-logico mix of Euro pop, Beat poetry, and subterranean lo-fi adventuring. Drawing musical inspiration from such disparate elements as The Velvet Underground, Half Japanese and The Beatles and marrying it to lyrical themes of animal kingdoms, love and loss, and master/slave dialectics, OPPOSITE SEX reinvent alternative pop in a style of their own.

In the summer of 2011 Tim & Lucy relocated to Dunedin to find a bigger, colder and more interesting place place to live, play and study. Along with Fergus they recorded the album at Fishrider Studio in Dunedin in the autumn. It retains the simplicity and space of their stripped down live sound, but in the studio they have found even more of the dark magic inhabiting their songs. The album was released on CD and LP in November 2011.

Their “truly pure and slightly feral” debut is released in the UK on 23 April 2012 on Fishrider Records in association with Occultation Recordings


14 responses to “Opposite Sex

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  2. Hi … Are they coming to the UK in 2012 ???

    • fishriderrecords

      No plans at the moment. They can’t even afford to tour in the North Island of NZ yet. The amount of interest Marc Riley has drummed up for the band over has taken us all by surprise… so, who knows? Everything about this band and album has confounded predictions so never say never. Thanks for asking!

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  4. Would love to see you in the UK

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