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“Civilisation” by Death And The Maiden (video)

Following on from the impressionistic video for “Victory” by guitarist/ drummer/ vocalist Hope Robertson from the dark and dreamy debut by Death And The Maiden, here’s another video, this time for “Civilisation”, once again featuring the sleepy village of Port Chalmers.

This odd little 150+ year old port town mixes century old provincial New Zealand architecture with the industrial sprawl of a major shipping port and container terminal. The video is filmed in black and white on a fine sunny day, yet still manages to maintain the stealthy distance of surveillance footage, as if dispassionately observing life on a different planet.

There are also a couple of scenes of Chris Booth’s sculpture “Aramoana” from the Hotere Garden Oputae  on the lookout overlooking the port and harbour. It’s a reminder that although this town is physically dominated by the maritime transport industry, it also has a strongly beating heart of art.

Two of the three members of Death And The Maiden live in Port Chalmers and the third is a regular visitor. In winter – or on cooler summer nights – the cold damp and fog or rain mixes with the clammy aerosol grey of diesel fume infused salty air. At night the sounds of the Port machinery hangs over the town, a repetitive hum of boat engines punctuated with the clang and thump of metal on metal as containers are loaded and unloaded.

It’s hard to avoid this all working its way into the subconscious of the residents, and into their music and art, whether it is through some kind of psychological osmosis or escapist rejection. This is Death And The Maiden’s “Civilisation” then:




“Dear ____ ” video from Death And The Maiden


Death And The Maiden have revealed an captivating experimental video performance piece for their first music video. The video for the 8 minute track “Dear ____ ” was made by NZ video installation artist Erica Sklenars and consists only of two simultaneous single-shot sequences, both featuring Death And The Maiden’s Lucinda King.

The video was premiered on Noisey Music website on Friday along with an interview with Lucinda explaining the video and how it was made.

Video for “La Rat” by Opposite Sex

We’ve assembled a video for La Rat which is technically the second ‘single’ from the debut album by Opposite Sex. The limited edition (only 150) LP is disappearing as fast as we can glue up the covers so if you want a slice of NZ pop/ anti-pop future history don’t delay too much.

New Jersey/ New York radio station WFMU called the album “the next wave of swoony Dunedin New Zealand pop” when they made it their album of the day last week. This song in particular does remind us in it’s own propulsive galloping way of The Clean’s “Tally Ho!” which originated from Dunedin many years ago and helped start a little label called Flying Nun Records.

The video stars Bruce the rat and most of the other footage used here is the band recording in their rehearsal space in Dunedin’s Victorian-era industrial underground in November 2011.

La Rat

Au Revoir, La Rat
I know that it’s hard to be on the outside
There are people who hate you wherever you are
I hope you know how to hide

They’ll scrape you off the ceiling
They’ll drop you to the floor
Spin you round in circles
They’ll throw you at the wall

So Au Revoir, La Rat
I know that it’s hard to be on the outside
There are people who hate you wherever you are
I hope you know how to hide

I’ll fly you up to a tower
With a room and a bed
Lock you up and keep you
Give you water and bread

So Au Revoir, La Rat

[Words (c) & (p) Lucy Hunter, music (c) & (p) Hunter/ Taylor/ Player]

A video for “Sea Shanty” by Opposite Sex

Sea Shanty video

Sea Shanty video

“Sea Shanty” is one of my favourite Opposite Sex songs from the forthcoming album. When I first heard them play this live I loved it straight away. Who plays waltzes these days? All the elements just sounded so strange and exotic yet familiar in a European kind of way. It’s the sort of song I can imagine Slapp Happy playing in a Berlin cellar bar in 1973. Deceptively light and like a child’s story, yet, beneath the surface there’s some darkness, uncertainty and fear at its heart (like many Opposite Sex songs). Sure it’s an imaginary story about living under the sea with a merman. But it’s also a song about loss, loneliness, abduction, drowning, starving, being an outsider… then companionship, adventure… and maybe either resolution or regret. Who knows?

So here’s our zero budget video we made up on the spot.

“Sea Shanty” by Opposite Sex from Fishrider Records on Vimeo.

You are meant to have story-boards for video shoots. We didn’t. What made it all work was Lucy’s performance miming to the song with nothing more than a piece of kelp as a prop. And also Tim’s willingness to wear liberal quantities of green face paint, a surf hood adorned with gaffer tape fins and a lump of kelp on his back.

Afterwards we decided that an underwater world needed fish. Green-screening stop motion animation provided some of them. It’s very time-consuming. Then Lucy had the brilliant idea of moving the fish in real time…

Finally we wanted Fergus to be involved, even though he was a thousand miles away. Thanks to his friend Daniel Phillips who lent him his old wetsuit and took a couple of hundred stills of Fergus, I was able to animate him into the underwater world as well.